Tron Lightcycle Vinyl Decal

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This is an original design by this shop. The size is 6.8 x 2.5 inches. This decal is made from premium all weather vinyl. The background will be the area you apply the decal to. Everything you see in black will be the color of the background you stick the decal to. We include a test decal in most orders.

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Application instructions:

Step 1: Using soap and water, wash the application area.
Step 2: Test fit your new decal's placement before removing the backing.
Step 3: Remove the decal backing.
Step 4: Apply the vinyl decal to the desired surface. Flat, smooth surfaces work best. You can use an old credit card as a squeegee to smooth out any inconsistencies in the application.
Step 5: Peel off the decal cover slowly and carefully, making sure not to pull up the decal in the process. Use the test decal for practice.

*The graphics represented in the pictures are meant to convey the details about the graphic. The images are electronically created, but expect no significant difference.

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